Strengthening the foundation

The most effective means of strengthening the foundations, especially at non-uniform deformation structures, are made of reinforced concrete piles, that do not require large size room and included in the work immediately after a dive on the mark.

When carrying out strengthening the foundation, design of existing foundations must be designed for the perception of effort from the indentation load.

Calculation strengthening the foundations performed on two groups of limit states to meet the requirements of relevant regulatory documents (DBN, SNIP). Bearing capacity of the existing foundation is determined based on its actual state (wear), strength characteristics of materials and soil base.

If during the operation was a complete stabilization of sediment base under the existing foundation, then the calculated precipitation strengthening elements are determined only by additional loads.

In this case, the maximum permissible draft is prescribed in the condition of above-ground structures of the reconstructed buildings and associated facilities adjacent (transitions, galleries, communications). For individual foundations sediment determined taking into account the effect of loads from adjacent foundations by the method of the corner points.

Enterprise "VIF" has extensive experience strengthening of existing foundations from cottages to multi-storey buildings.