Indentation PILES

Enterprise «VIF», more than 28 years has specialized in the construction of pile fields by static indentation.

Indentation piles into the ground - a reliable and effective way to bookmark pile foundations. The technology provides immersion prefabricated concrete piles by static indentation.

Indentation piles – this is the most gentle method of pile foundation construction.

Indentation piles recommend to apply in all cases, especially when:

• the absence of a well-prepared excavation;
• the performance of work in a short time with high quality;
• construction near (from 75 cm) existing buildings and structures;
• strengthening the foundations;
• Bulk, landslide, weak, subsidence and inhomogeneous soil;
• a high level of ground water and water-saturated soils.



Svaevdavlivayuschaya installation

Experience shows, that the construction of pile foundations static indentation method is characterized by the following benefits::

 – The absence of vibration- and impacts on submerged pile, and the structure adjacent structures;

– Reducing the time of erection of foundation fields;

– High accuracy piling on design marks;

– Carried out continuous monitoring efforts indentation and being evaluated bearing capacity of piles;

2014_2– The absence of noise impacts;

– Excluded levels of air pollution, it is important that the position of the Environment;

– Decrease in freight;

– Construction of foundations in reduced development.